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Waves of the Yellow River Valley Beach Mala Bay is the Central Plains emerging class water theme park in Asia, to the mother river of the Yellow River as the background of the Chinese nation, and integration of tourist attractions Fengle farm covers an area of 3 acres. Bathing facilities in area of 10 square meters, the vacuum created by an international third-generation artificial wave technology, tsunami waves up to three meters, realistic ...[Detail]

Ancestor of the mountain, the original name with Heights Mountain, is the Songshan Mountains Zhongyue, Xinzheng city in Henan province, 15 kilometers southwest of changxindianzhen territory, an area of about 12 square kilometers, a beautiful, picturesque, the Yellow Emperor and cultural sites all over the mountain . In 2001, as a national federation of patriotism education base. Mountain Heights Yellow Emperor with cultural tourism area is a ...[Detail]

Cave Forest Lake, located 15 kilometers southwest of Zhengzhou City, Xingyang Yu Jia, 20 kilometers southeast of the town territory. Lake Cave Temple, is a long history, scenic pagoda in a temple. Built in the Han, Sheng Yu Tang, the self-evident ZHOU Jing Wang Wang temple buried sihou into weeks later, it is very popular. Temple Pagoda towering stele buildings, building magnificent, imposing, and the Shaolin, bamboo collectively, the "day in ...[Detail]

Located in Gongyi Nan Luo River confluence area of the Yellow River and Luo Du Town Interchange, about 10 km away from the city of Gongyi. Since ancient times, Luo culture is the source of Chinese culture, according to legend, here is the river a map, Luo a book, where Fu Xi Bagua painting, it contains the history: the Yellow Emperor, Emperor Yao, Shun, Yu, Shang Tang, Zhou Wang such as accession to the throne and the Duke of Zhou, the wall of ...[Detail]

The theme of the natural ecology, organic food production and eco-tourism as the main function of the integrated eco-agriculture demonstration garden, is agricultural production, special vegetable growing, livestock breeding, tourism, catering, entertainment, and leisure as one of the modern city park . Kwai Fung Lok Fung Lok Farm Park and the whole is divided into modern agricultural demonstration park two areas. Fung Lok Kwai Park for ...[Detail]